The practice of yoga is a multi-faceted personal practice that can support and us throughout the highs and lows of life. One of the definitions of the word Yoga literally means “to yoke” or “to bring together." It constantly reminds us that we are inherently whole and complete - not just when we have the perfect job, the perfect body, the perfect partnership, the right clothes, etc. As we grow to understand our divine, true nature more fully, we learn to find peace in what is right now, as we are right now. Through practice, we become more loving, honest, and courageous in shedding old skins that hold us back from being of service and realizing the absolute love.


Kelsey believes that embodying the principles of yoga is the most important aspect of teaching, so her priority as a teacher is to remain a curious and dedicated student. She has spent 15+ years integrating the many facets and roots of the practice into her life. In her classes, you can expect anatomically sound and alignment-based sequencing, relatable yogic philosophy, and chanting that bridges the individual and collective consciousness.

Inspired by her teachers, Kelsey deeply respects the roots of yoga and eagerly shares this knowledge with anyone who is curious. Her down-to-earth approach seamlessly blends traditional wisdom with modern understanding to create a holistic and grounding experience.

Kelsey leads public and private classes, corporate events, yoga trainings, and retreats in the Portland, OR area and beyond.

“Through the repetition of the name, everything is accomplished.” - Mahara-ji

Heart, soul, and voice
Movement and community
Effort and surrender
And a damn good playlist...


Heather Roussos

Sacramento, CA
Urban Yogi

Stephanie Snyder

San Francisco, CA
Love Story Yoga

Acharya Shunya

Krishna Das

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